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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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. we begin this news hour with multiple breaking news stories, including news on the broncos, but first now, multiple cases of the zika virus reported in colorado. lance, is this considered an outbreak at this point? >> reporter: well, not in colorado, at least. the mosquitoe that transmits
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we know a couple of people have been infected with the zika virus but officials said they traveled to countries that had home. both have spontaneously recovered. zika virus is spread by the mosquitoe in the tropical and sub-tropical areas. it would be spread by the tiger mosquitoe, as well that lives in the north, but it doesn't live in this area either. colorado has information about the zika virus on its website and has a map that shows outbreaks. if you are traveling to those country, exercise caution and protect yourself against mosquitoes. if you are pregnant, you should not be traveling to those countries, at all, because there have been reported cases of birth defects, women pregnant,
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were seen in their newborn infants. there have also been reported cases of paralysis, but health officials say in most instances, zika virus simply causes a fever, rash and joint pain. it lasts about a week, then most people spontaneously recover and have an immunity that lasts a lifetime. still, there is concern because of the news coverage around the world and instances of child deformities, people are worried about that here in colorado. state health officials told me early whyer this month that most coloradans are not at risk unless they travel to countries experiencing the outbreaks. lance armstrong -- lance hernandez, denver 7. it is official, the broncos have attached the exclusive franchise tag to super bowl 50mvp von miller, so the two sides have time to
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keep von for life and then sign more players. >> i have never been big franchise before so i can't say i on't want to be big this. but i tell you what, i want to be with the denver broncos for my whole career, whatever it takes to get it done, i am down for. >> again, von with exclusive franchise tags. now the broncos can focus on evening other key players. well, now to breaking news on 25th and pierce where two suspects are on the loose. >> reporter: yes. lakewood police say a craigslist ad all turned violent because of a drugs
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we are here at the area of 25th and pierce. around 8:30 police say two men were waiting on an aparent craigslist ad that involved drugs. another car pulled up, a male suspeet shot one of the victims and a woman took off withhthe victim's car, the 1998 green ford escort, and the two suspects, a hispanic male and % female are still on the llose. the victim shot will survive. lakewood pd says because this was a drug related criminal act to begin with, people shouldn't be overall concerned about craigslist all the time leading to violence here. >> i don't want the general public thinking that every single ad they place on craigslist or any other internet site or in a paper is potentially going to end up getting them shot. >> reporter: now, several local law enforcement agencies have established what they call safe zones to allow transactions like that off of craigslist and other newspapers 3 and online sites to happen at
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department, including the westminster police, and more. we have a full list of the safe zones on our website at make sure everything is legal and everybody stays safe. reporting live, jason gruenauer, denver 7. today marks the biggest single day in the presidential primary race so far. tuesday. voters have already gone to the polls in some of the 12 states holding primaries and caucuses. >> today won't push anyone over the top but it could give the front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump a huge advantage. donald trump leads the natiooal polls with 49% but also places a lot of scrutiny from if party establishment. >> i don't know that i would poet for hillary clinton but i could not vote for donald trump either. >> ted cruz is looking for a win in his state home of texas
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hillary clinton is ahead of sanders. denver 7 is talking with hillary clinton one-on-one coming up. and this evening coloradans wwll gather in school classroom, auditoriums and all over the state for caucuses, in all hosting 6,000 meetings. >> this year it is a little different than years past, specifically for the republicans. only democrats are determining who they will prefer for president today. the gop decided march 1st is too early to lock in who hey will support come the national conventioo in july. >> it would be an usually interesting set of followers like sanders or trump that could bring in a number of people where with the good old boy bos were expected to show 3 -- boys were expected to show up. >> the gop will elect alternates to go on to higher assembly. the meeting for this begins at 7:00 tonight. we have details on thh fire in
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breaking news at 6:00 a.m. >> is smoke could be seen for miles and destroyed a tailer home on colfax and i-25. lindsay watts is there live at the scene. >> reporter: this home is a total loss, everything inside is burned. we will take you inside to give you a closer look. still a little smoke on the underside of the house and you can see inside. the man that lives here wasn't home at the time. luckily no people or pets got hurt this morning. when this fire first started just after 6:00, airtracker 7 was overhead quickly and caught some incredible flames. the fire did start to spread to the trailer next door and got the caaport, but the firefighters were able to keep the home from going up. a good thing because the woman that lives there is on oxygen. as for the man that lives in the trailer destroyed, neighbors say he has a place to go, but this is still a devastating loss. i took him to my place and gave him a cup of coffee to help calm him down.
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shattered ight now. he has lost even memories of his wife that passee away not too long ago. >> firefighters let us take a look from the front door of the trailer. there is just nothing left inside. back out here live, now, this brown home is the one in danger of catching fire. firefighters tell me it is a good thing the suv was here because to some extent it heat and fllmes. firefighters say it is a good thing it wasn't windy like yesterday. these trailers are just so close together and say it could have been oo lot worse this morning. -- been a lot worse this morning. live in aurora, lindsay watts, denver 7. >> thank you, lipped save. a llttle bit of -- lindsay. a little bit of wind didnnt help firefighters a lot. >> yes. the speeds are 10 to 15 miles per hour today, but tomorrow not so much. it will be windy again, off and on, all week long. right now we are looking at a mild. a relative humidity at 24%
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a few clouds right now. city park 47. fort collins is 45. greeley. a touch cooler today compared to yesterday dueeto the cold front that rolled through yesterday so our wind shifted directions and made us a little cooler. 30s in the mountains, 50s in the western slope and a nice aaternoon in store. sunshine will dominate. winds remain calm. with et will see a few clouds about 6:00 with our highs around 3:00 at 57. tomorrow, again, the winds will pickup. the fire danger is getting a lot higher on wednesday. this is a fire weather watch going into afffct early tomorrow morning and covering, you guys, pretty much all of eastern colorado. we will take a look at the wind speeds tomorrow and how warm it will get this week. the first week of march. it is unreal. details in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. right now fort collins police are looking for the person that hit a man and left him lying in the road on ccllege avenue near spring park. 53-year-old george taylor was
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a description of the car they are looking for. new at 11:00, a university of colorado drama instructor has been charged with sexual assault according to our partners at the boulder daily camera. the suspect goes by the name ada adu. he raped a former student at his home in january. he is being charged with sexual assault on a helpless victim in his home in january. -`the victim intoxicated. the suspect was bonded out and will be back ii court this thursday. a custodian at middle school lose his job after he is accused of inappropriately touching a student. >> we are not identifying the custodian because he hasn't been arrested but the school's principal called parents just to let him know what happened. >> we are fully cooperating with the police investigation and will capitol to do so while they determine how to proceed. the safety of our students and priority. at the end of january the student accused the custodian of inappropriate touching.
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district immediately notified greenwood poliie and placed the custodian on leave. he was fired last week. >> he as worked in the cherry creek school district@since 1997 and greenwood police take the allegations seriously. last week a bus driver at west middle school was arrested on suspicion of dwi while transporting a bus of kids. michhel hobbs was arrested after a school employee smelled alcohol on him. a 14-year-old student charged in a school shooting in ohio is expected in court tooay. this happened in madison township yesterday. we brought this to you as breaking news then. the incident left four students injured. james hancock opened fire during lunch in the cafeteria. two of the victims were seriouuly injured but are expected to survive. today we are hearing from the washington state family dealing with the tragic murder of four people. we brought you this story last week at breaking news. >> david campbell reportedly killed his wife and two adopted sons inside his home. the 12-year-old daughter was
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now the community is coming together to support the family during this unimaginable time. >> the outpouring of support, love and well wishes have been tremendous. we are eternally grateful. our focus right now is healing and making sure that landon's daughter feels nothing but love. >> campbell also shot and killed his neighbor before shooting and killing himself. apple score as win in the new york courtroom when it comes to a case with the fbi. a judge is siding with apple that says the government can't make it hack into customer's phones. in this case the fbi wanted access to a drug dealer's locked iphone after california had a judge ordering apple to create software to help the feds get into if san bernardino shooter's phone. apple is still fighting that. straight ahead, we are talking with capitol hillary clinton one on one about super tuesday. we will hear from her and her biggest competitor. >> plus, high school students taking a peaceful stand after
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welcome back. people are talking about super tuesday, including hillary clinton who is here in colorado.
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colorado isn't always an easy job. >> 66 delegates are up for grabs in some fashion. what is success. clearly not getting all 66 would be -- getting all 66 would be great, but what is success for you in colorado? >> well, i am hoping to do as well as i can in colorado. i know our team has been working really, really hard on the ground. we have thousands of volunteers across he state doing their very best to reach out and convince people to go to the caucus in the first place, then to caucus for me. >> eight years ago you lost the awe cuss in term -- lost the caucus in terms of delegates 2- 1 to president obama. bernie sanders in colds and in minnesota seem to be the two states he may have the best chance. what did you learn from eight years ago and do you really care if you don't get half or a little more than half the delegates here? >> well, i learned a lot.
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ago. we sure didn't make the commitment and organization and resources that we have made this time. so, i don't have a particular prediction. obviously i want to do as well as i can in colorado. i care a lot about the state. i have a lot of friends there. i have worked with people there over many years on a lot of issues having to do with kids and opportunities. so, i am hoping we will get a good turnout. >> bernie sanders is casting his vote in the presidential primary in his home state of vermont. >> his goal, as you may expect, is to come out with as many delegates as possible. >> i hope everybody remembers, and sometimes the media forgets, this is not like the november election where you whip in california by two votes. everyone here i hope understands this is about proportional representation.
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up with 48% in a state with a relatively small number of delegates. so i hope we can win a number of states. in the states we don't do well, obviously we want a larger vote. the goal of today is to end up with as many delegates as we possibly can. >> so denver 7 has you covered as caucus results start coming in this evening. you can join us for a special politics unplugged program. at 10:15 tonight we will break down the caucuses and talk about what is next in this 2016 race after denver 7 at 10:00. well, it is march. right now it is beautiful. look at this shot from our wireless camera near sterling. it makes me want to sing a song
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or something like that. >> a gorgeous, beautiful shot, with blue skies and sunshiny conditions. it has been pretty and warm, but when we mix in the winds, we are having high fire danger. denver will be 55 to 57 degrees today. greeley and akron 55. 40 for the mountains, aspen 44, eagle 49. everything is 50. aurora is -- evergreen is 50, aurora is 48. as you watch our future-cast, because of the strong northwesterly flow aloft we are
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all week long where we get gustier condition on the plains mountains. the mountains act like a towel ringing out the moisture. so we don't get anything mmving east over the preparing or really over i-25. the mountains. it won't be enough to prompt any weather alerts, but it will be a couple of inches by later tonight into tomorrow morning. then skies will clear. we will get a few more light snow showers again starting up on wednesday morning. but dry across the plains. what we see with some of these fast moving weak cold fronts are the gusty winds. that is what will happen tomorrow. winds will picc up with speeds at 30 to 50 miles per hour. highs will be near 60 tomorrow. then we will stay pretty close to 60 through the end of the week. saturday looks to be one of the warmest days on our seven-day forecast. you know, i bet what you want to do this weekend, there is another polar plunge at the boulder reservoir. >> no! >> hey, if you have not done
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northern colorado, there is another one on saturday so you can get out in the reservoir. out. >> and warm up! though. >> it is. today astronaut scott kelly plans to come back down to earth after a where are in space. >> he has been on the space station longer than any other u.s. astronaut. it lasted 340 days. in his last briefing before heading home kelly tells reporters he is feeling good. >> after he lands tonight he will be flown to houston on wednesday and undergo lots of physical and scientific tests this is his fourth mission in space. after the break we will
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highlights here is a look at other storys in the news. look at this little boy at a taping in turkey.
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going on. so he asks the audience to be quiet and then they all begin clapping. the boy wakes up and begins clapping with them. [ laughing ] then he begins to fall back asleep. 3 poor guys. >> and take a look at this one. these cars keep parking illegal in front of a person's private property. is get as crain and has it lift the cars to the roof. well, a judge would not get involved in the issue because he said it was a private matter. yes, the people had to get their own crain to remove the cars from the roof. >> well, look at this bird. he is having a good laugh riding on the wipers. no information if he ever flew off. >> and meet molly moore and the 6-month-old golden retriever, wesley. his teeth were coming in crooked. he could not close his mouth right or eat right. they did the natural thing and
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that is him showing his there. facebook. the good news is wesley only has to wear them a few weeks. >> that is good. i don't imagine a dog keeping place braces on long. >> that is hilarious. times. people love this dog. >> no raw hides for that doggy right now. >> it would mess up the good brace, which could not have >> i know. >> thank you, jayson. well, louisiana a 3-year- old boy is safe and sound after going missing. the family owes a thank you to return. >> little eli was missing r hours. that is when they remembered honey, a hound dog with a keen sense of smell. day. >> the good lord was watching over us that night.
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legged dog. he showed us his power that night and that is really where all the credit is due. >> the boy's mom says her son doesn't seem to remember much about what happened that life but plans to hell him when he is old -- to tell him when he life. >> i bet! a few students a shadow hills high school decided to decorate their high school with anti-gay stickers. when another girl in another school saw it, she decided to take action. >> i saw it and i got angry. ` decided to do something about it. i was shocked to see something would do this. >> page is part of the lgbt community and her friends are. she printed out the faces and started coloring them and passing them out at school hoping to send a message of accept dance. investigators are still
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investigators are still investigating the anti-gay movement there. well, still ahead, the denver art museum an why the cambodia government called asking for this statue back.
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. it is 11:30. we begin this half hour with more cases of the zika virus appearing in the united states. >> yes, lance armstrong has more. 0 lance has more on this. >> reporter: yes. we know two coloradans contracted zika while traveling to other countries. the two cases involve individuals that have recovered. there is no concern, really u about an outbreak in colorado because the mosquitoe that -`transmits the virus does notly in colorado but lives in the gulf coast, central and south america. we know the virus can be spread sexually from male to female. most people that contract zika will experience, rach, fever and joint pain, and then will recover and are thought then to have lifelong immunity.
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and birth defects in newborns. that is why women pregnant are advised not to travel to other countries. reporting life at the state health department, lance armstrong -- denver 7. around 8:30 last night on pierce street near 25th a man. >> we have someone that shows up and tries to rob someone and is ruthless enough to do it. >> police are still looking for the stolen car, a 1998 green ford escort as well as the two suspects, a hispanic man and woman.
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by fire this morning. >> it happened at a trailer park, mobile home park at colfax and i-225. lindsay watts joins us now with more on the damage done. >> reporter: this home is a total loss. there is nothing salvageable here. firefighters got here quickly this morning. the good new, the man that lived here wasn't home at the time. neighbors say he has another place to stay. air tracker 7 was overhead right after this fire sparked so you can see what firefighters were up against. this was around 6:00 a.m. and smoke was visible for miles around. this was scary for residents at the green acres mobile home park because the trailers are so close together. flames did spread to the house next door but did not damage the interior at all. the woman that lives there was home. she uses an oxygen tank but was able to get out okay. neighbors feel for both of the people impacted by the fire. >> i wish there was more i could do. if there was some way i could
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whole situation. all i can do is just be there if they want to talk. >> you can see there really wasn't much damage at all to the home next door, nothing to compared to this. firefighters still don't know what may have started the fire in. aurora, lipped linkedin, denver 7. today -- lindsay watts, denver 7. well, a dozen states head to the polls today. the winners could gain commanding leads over their rivals. >> can donald trump keep his place over the top of the gop heap and will hillary clinton the pull away from bernie sanders. scott mcclain has the latest out of washington, d.c. >> super tuesday, i believe, is the most important day of the spire primary. >> reporter: near one quarter of republican democrats and fifth of democratic delegates will be up for grabs in the united states. the latest national cnn poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump will be tough to beat.
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support along democrats. trump has more than triple the support of his nearest rival, marco rubio. >> there are a lot of late deciders. i think it is still quite likely that donald trump will win on super tuesday. >> reporter: it has been a trump. he declined to immediately disavow support from david duke before or after the interview. >> and on monday protestors interrupted trump's event. >> reporter: marco rubio has taken full advantage, trying to label trump a con man and even taking shots at his appearance. >> he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan he uses.
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>> well, as colorado gets ready for today's caucuses, be big push to get out the vote. there is an aggressive effort to court last voters in our state. >> new data shows a record 23.7 million hispanic voters are able to participate in this race for president. this is nationwide. those on the front line say the one-on-oneecontact, things like phone calls that matter when trying to convince a voter to support your candidate. >> the phone calls, the door- to-door visits, do they really make a difference? they absolutely make a difference. in fact, that is the only way to really reach people. >> i have been working campaigns for over 30 years and grass roots has always won the campaigns. >> so, while many people will meet in school, the smallest precinct is a post office parking lot at the utah- colorado border. well, we now know the name % of a women hit and killed walking along i-25. she is 26-year-old samantha
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early sunday morning -- longmont. she was hit early sunday morning near johnson corner. the driver did stop and call 9- 1-1. 61-year-old louise laura shot and killed 43-year-old monica montoya saturday afternoon before killing himself. police say it started as an argument between the shooter and his wife and escalaaed when the daughter showed up. an 18 mile oo bikeway from denver to boulder is open for bicyclists today. out and about. cdot opened up the second phase, 1111 miles. the -- 11 miles. today the dmv starts rolling out the new driverrs not only do they look secure. you can see the picture will now be black and white with a
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the littleton dmv makes the swap today. then the others will follow. if you have the old one, you don't need to replace it until it expires. traffic fatalities went up by nearly 12% last year. according to partners at the denver post, wing thing expert the say didn't -- one thing experts say contributed to the increase was people not wearing their seatbelts. in part because of a law saying police cannot pull a driver over for not wearing a seatbelt. that could change, as well as the motorcycle helmet law. dalai lama was supposed to be here in october but he had to cancel because of his sickness, including all u.s. appearances. his boulder events have been rescheduled for june 23rd. the denver art museum
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the cambodian government called demanding it return a stolen statue. it is called thhetorso of rama in the 10th century. it wassgot from a gallery in 1986. the museum returned the statue after researching its origins. well, the new car, being called the fastest in the worldd >> father's day. that is all i am saying! >> and a famous comedian in trouble with police. you won't believe what he was doing when officers arrived on the scene. >> and it is a beautiful day. we are 47 in depth, 52 in --
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. welcome back. still no ruling in the bill cosby case. janice dickinson is trying to take cosby to court on defamation charges, saying statements accusing her of making it all up. a los angeles supreme court judge delayed the ruling until late next month. >> comedian katt williams was
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hands behind his back at a pool supply store. williams was charged with battery after getting into an argument. and google says one of its self driving vehicles was partially responsible for an accident with a city bus in california. it is the company's first admission that one of its cars played a part in causing a crash. the busshit the car after it switched lanes unexpectedly. no one was injured so google claims it has now updated the software to avoid these kinds of accidents. >> bugatti is about to break a record for the fastest car in -`the world. it was revealed at the get knee have a auto show. -- geneva auto show. the horsepower of this thing is 1,478-horsepower. a toyota camry, be i way of comparison, starts with horsepower of 178. it has sold a third of the
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million. >> so of course you are getting one for father's day. >> sure! a denver firefighter is recovering at home this morning. the firefighter sprained a knee fighting a brush fire at east alameda and denver street. it burned two acres. firefighters have not shared the cause of the fire but hopefully the firefighterrs knee will feel better. >> the wind has been a concern for the firefighters. it is kind of dry out. >> yes. march can be all over the board. the least snowiest march ever we had a trace of snow. the snowiest march on record was 35 inches. >> we could fall anywhere. >> yes. the first week of march will be really dry. what we see today is similar to what we will get all week long. tomorrow fire danger a concern. we have a fire weather watch going into affect tomorrow that covered all of eastern colorado. gusty winds, dry condition, relative humidity, dropping below 15% tomorrow. keep that in mind. we will see temperatures once again well normal.
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we are already looking at mid to upper 40s across most of the the front range. a beautiful view from the top of the building. a few clouds and a nice start to our tuesday. aurora is 46 right now. in greeley we are at 52. estes park is 42. confer is 37. it will be a touch cooler than yesterday, that due to the weak cold front that rolled through yesterday. the wind shifted direction this morning. it is definitely going to be a few degrees cooler. still above normal though. here are the high this is afternoon. by 3:00 denver 57. closer to 60 across southeastern colorado. eagle today 48. montrose and grand junction both in the low to mid 50s. closer in, most everyone will be at about 55 to 58 today. fort collins 55. and in aurora his afternoon 58 degrees. watch our future-cast. the biggest issue for us, again, is winds. the next couple of days as we get fast moving fronts rolling through, the mountains will pick up a little snow. it is that northwesterly flow aloft that pushes some of that
11:46 am
but then the mountains ring out the moisture -- wring out the moisture, so we don't get much out of the plains but high cloud cover and gusty winds. skies clear tonight and more snow develops in the mountains by earlying to morning and that is when the winds will pick up. the temperatures are anywhere from 58 to 65 degrees all this week. still very warm. tomorrow 60. closer to 60 thursday and friday. saturday still the warmest day on the seven-day forecast with a high of 65 degrees. overnight lows really mild, close to freezing, if not in the mid 30s. cross your fingers. it looks like we could get a few showers on monday. cross them all. >> the toes, too? >> yes. >> by monday we could get a little rain. >> we need that. >> we do. >> thank you, lisa. there is a happy ending for an abandoned kitten that went viral for her mustache. >> the california kitten has a mustache. you can see the black patch of
11:47 am
she was dumped inside a box of items left outside a salvation army donation center last week. now she has a new forever home. she is hilarious. how can someone dump her like that. dozens of applications came in to adopt her and one woman ended up being the perfect match. >> it broke my heart. at first i was thinking maybe `ust a larger bin, but ow i understood it, it was a metal, just horrific where people could be throwing big, heavy books on top of her. >> terrible. so workers at the salvation army say they are pretty lucky they found the cat still alive. the cat is now going to be named mustacheio. >> i like it! well, congratulations to all the moms aad dads who had babies on leap day.
11:48 am
>> poppy acres was born at 9:23. the odds of being born on leap >> i was so ready to meet her. >> poppy's parents are not sure when they will celebrate her daughter on non-leap years, but they say she will be forever young. >> there you go. this woman has impeccable 3 timing when it comes to her kids. the her name is jennifer gin and gave birth to antonio. her older son, was also born on a leap day 12 years ago. they have six children, three boys and three girls. if you want to get a little nutty today, it is perfectly okay because today is national peanut butter lovers day. did you know peanut butter is consumeed in 90% of u.s. households. here is something to think about. it takes 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter. >> somebody must pay for that. >> yes. it is super tuesday, of
11:49 am
wanting to call the whiteehouse home.
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well, it is not unusual for presidential candidates to attack each other but between marco rubio and donald trump it seems to be going beyond the actual spectrum. >> which of these saying are not an insult. >> what are you go to cry now? come on, cry, baby, cry for me. >> the answer is electorate should be crying over what has become -- >> watch out, jerk! >> shut up idiot! >> more on! >> scab eater. >> he is always calling me little marco. >> have you seen his hands, they are like this. a little mouth on them, bing, bing, bing. >> and you know what me say about men with small hands.
11:53 am
[ laughing ] but instead of flinging mud -- >> it is rubio. >> the donald is swinging water bottles, imitating a dry mouth marco rubio with tendency to sweat bullets. >> i looked at the puddle on the ground and said what is that, what is it? >> he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan he uses. donald won't make america great, he will make america orange. >> and some compare it to mane girls. >> you are a plastic, cold, % bitter, hard plastic. >> the candidates may hate the press. they are starting to sound like anchor man. >> your hair looks stupid. >> but he is flying around on hair-force one. >> at least rubio and trump aren't whacking each other with antennas -- yet. >> donald trump likes to sue people.
11:54 am
>> he was putting on make-up with a trowel! >> oh, brother! well, it is crazy. don't forget denver 7 has you covered as caucus results start coming in tonight. join us for a federal politics unplugged at 10:15 and talk about what is next in the 2016 race after denver 7 at 6:00. let's look at what is coming up this afternoon on denver 7 at 4:00 on "the now." >> we are allays live with breaking news. first at 4:00 on "the now," with two cases of zika virus reported just today in colorado, yes, two case, we arr now taking a look at a new report that says zika can cause temporary paralysis. plus, coyotes in the metro how one group the working to figure out why in order to keep %- you safe. and as you know it is super tuesday. we will look at a new poll that shows which candidate would win
11:55 am
were held today. breeking news, your first alert forecast all here for you at 4:00 on "the now." >> thank you. it will be a good show. breezy todays wind speeds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. the winds will double tomorrow with gusts between 30 to 50 miles per hour. get an extra can of hair spray. >> except for mitch.
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